The NextGen Ministry at River’s Edge is about synchronizing families and church leaders around a master plan to build faith and character in the emerging generation. It is not another program you add to your list of programs. It’s a system and strategy that we’re going to use to determine the what and how of our ministry. 

Here are a few critical assumptions that we operate under to ensure a healthy NextGen Ministry:

  • A relationship with God is the most important thing in life
  • No one has more potential to influence a child, youth or young adult’s relationship with God than a parent or mentor
  • No one has more potential influence on a parent or mentor than the church
  • The potential of the church and the parent/mentor to influence someone in the emerging generation dramatically increases when they partner with each other 

We must integrate our strategy- get leaders and parents leading with the same end in mind. They must operate with common language around a common strategy. Two combined influences will make a greater impact than just two influences. We believe that significance in our relationship with God is developed by involvement in serving those in our surrounding communities and world.

Our passion and desire is to go beyond traditional church programming by helping the family and the church work together – in synergy – to maximize their impact on this generation. This is the foundation that must be established to reach and mobilize the generations to come. It must move from theory and be put into action – fully integrating itself into the life of the church, and consequently, the life of the family. 

Journeying Together,

NextGen Team

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